The Process

Is a Hard Money Loan for you?

Dealing with Traditional Banks and Institutional funding sources can sometimes involve insurmountable hurdles to getting your loan closed and funded. At Reliance, we can close most loans in less than (10) days with minimal documentation requirements. No credit scores, no tax returns, and in most cases no financials. Our underwriting is based on the common sense valuation of your property and the likelihood of you achieving your long term exit strategy.

Our team of real estate finance experts have decades of experience funding complex commercial, residential and construction projects. We understand that time is critical and we are committed to getting your loan closed fast!

How to get a Hard Money Loan:


Getting started is easy, just call us or apply online. In most cases we can provide a written approval within 24 hours of your inquiry.

Online: Click here to access our online application. It just takes a few minutes. Once you submit your application, we’ll immediately get to work to determine if you meet our criteria.
Telephone Inquiry: Call us at 888-931-1006 to apply over the phone and discuss the details of our loan programs and obtain a pricing quote.


If you are eligible for a loan, you’ll receive a conditional approval that details your loan terms and the conditions that must be cleared prior to closing and funding. Typical conditions include but are not limited to the following:

Title Search and limited property inspection
Review of Corporate, LLC or partnership documentation
Appraisal (not needed for limited ‘loan-to-value’ loans)
Rent Roll, Leases and Operating Statements (if applicable)
Recorded plat survey that provides concise legal description


Once your approval conditions are cleared, we will prepare your final loan documents and work with our closing attorney to coordinate the signing of final documents. In cases where it is not convenient or possible for you to travel to the closing attorney, we can arrange for a mobile closing agent to come to you.